Cover Photo Contest

By E-Zine Team

We’re pleased to announce that Henk Baljeu has won the first Chameleons! E-Zine photo contest! As you’ve probably seen, his photo of the name Ambilobe Furcifer pardalis is the cover photo for this issue. Being that Henk Baljeu is not in the continental US, arrangements are being made with him as to the outcome of the roach prize supplied by Wild Eye Reptiles. The following are the photos voted on and with the photographers names provided with their images. We’d like to extend our thanks to them and to those who voted. We hope that in the future will will conduct other similar contests.


By E-Zine Team

Hawaii wild Jackson’s baby (Tarzan)
Matthew Lovein - Holualoa, Hawai

Calumma globifer
Timo Weiß - Germany

C. jacksonii xantholophus "Growing boy in Garden" (wild)
Matthew Lovein - Holualoa, Hawai
2nd Place

Calumma oshaughnessyi ambreensis
Timo Weiß - Germany

"Shoot for the Moon"
C.j. Xantholophus, estimated to be 3 months old.
Mary Lovein - Holualoa, Hawai

C. jacksonii xantholophus
Allison Walker - Georgia
3rd Place

Male Ambilobe F. pardalis (Dirty Harry)
Henk Baljeu - The Netherlands

10 week old Ch. jacksonii xantholophus
Garry Hofer

Honorable mentions

Below are photos which we feel deserve honorable mention but did not qualify for a spot in the actual contest for various reasons.

Male "Mountain Majesty" by Mary Lovein, Hawaii USA - Shed on a 1 year old male, C. j. xantholophus.

C. melleri - Walter Cocking

Diego Suarez F. pardalis - Maurice v.d. Touw, The Netherlands


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