In March 2002 under the collaborative management efforts of Bill Strand, Ken Kalisch and Don Wells, the first issue of the Chameleons! Online E-Zine was released. By their expertise and foresight, they were able to create the groundwork for this excellent resource and build it up to what it has become today. They continued their exceptional work through the Januray 2004 issue at which point Chris Anderson took over with the help of Franco Gagliardi, Jason Descamps and Brandy Snow. This team managed the E-Zine through the February 2008 issue and the E-Zine is now run by Chris Anderson with the help of Jared Cain and Kent Manchen.

This E-Magazine is the product of contributions of the chameleon community’s most experienced members. Many of these members have come together to exchange experiences on the ADCHAM listserve. Though membership is limited, the archives are open to all.

Some of those members have also joined together to create the website, which houses an impressive chameleon species database, research articles, and morph guides.

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