Cover Photo Contest

By E-Zine Team

We received a number of entries to the contest for the photo to grace the cover of the next issue and for the 200 Lobster Roaches (donated by Wild Eye Reptiles). Of the entries, the Chameleons! E-Zine staff has picked 8 photos which we feel fit the requirements of the contest and would well represent an issue. Now, its time to Vote. Please select your favorite photo and check the box to its upper left. Then, fill in your email address in the provided space and click "submit." Only vote for a single photo and only one vote per person is allowed. Submissions with multiple photos checked will be ignored as will submissions without a valid email address or with a repeat email address from previous votes.

Who is your favorite?

C. jacksonii xantholophus (Tarzan)

Calumma globifer

C. jacksonii xantholophus

Calumma oshaughnessyi ambreensis

C.j. Xantholophus, estimated to be 3 months old.

C. jacksonii xantholophus

Male Ambilobe F. pardalis

10 week old Ch. jacksonii xantholophus

NOTE: Deadline to submit your vote is April 20th. The names of the photographer for each photograph has been witheld to prevent any influence. All photos will be reposted in the next issue with the name of the photographer.

Honorable mentions

Below are photos which we feel deserve honorable mention but did not qualify for a spot in the actual contest for various reasons.

Male Mary and Mathew Lovein, Hawaii USA - Shed on a 1 year old male, C. j. xantholophus.

C. melleri - Walter Cocking

Diego Suarez F. pardalis - Maurice v.d. Touw, The Netherlands


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